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  • The school has instituted various awards for the students in academics, games and sports in the form of medals, trophies, cups and certificates to constantly encourage the children to deliver the best.


  • Bishop George School & college believes in moving with a trend. It has taken a giant leap in the educational world by creating a novel identification in the technological world in Allahabad. Our college have made the life of students . The faculty members continuously invest time in learning new approaches to bring technology to the students. As Bishop George School “inspires excellence”, it wants to bring every child abreast of the technological innovations and evolve them into smart learners. The pen and notebooks form the toolkit of the present generation scholars, whereas in the coming years we will replace them with laptops and tabs. This sophisticated system of learning is surely going to bring about transformational benefits to the institution.

    Bishop George School “A Dream School” was established with a dream to enlighten the torch of education in the lives of children in Allahabad and to empower them with the power of knowledge. The school was created to encourage the children to dream big and discover their innate potential to achieve their dreams. The Principal of the school,Mr. JAVED BAKHT, believes that it’s never too late to rediscover the child inside us and liberate ourselves from a lifetime of limitation, excuse and fear. With such enthusiasm and zeal in our heart, we can always reach out with confidence, true personal power and grace to co-create a world in which Dreamers of all nations recognize a universal dream- “Dream of Peace”.

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    We confidently consider that children are the future of the world. The institution strives to equip our students with a global visualization. The academic and co-curricular triumphs of Shanti Dham, Atarra have placed it among the foremost enlightening institutions of the State. Shanti Dham school, synonymous with quality education endeavours constantly to improve faculties of the learners by innovative techniques, occurrence and creating awareness of National and International issues.

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  • Education is the backbone for students. We hire highly qualified faculties to deliver this.

  • We provide good quality classes in both infrastructure and education wise. We take utmost care for students

  • A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination, and instill a love of learning. Brad Henry

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  • Student Centric Curriculum

  • Co-Curricular & Sports Activity

  • Creative & Innovative Approach

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  • To nurture and shape the young seedlings planted in the garden of alpine. To make them responsible citizens of the society & to make the the source of light & inspiration.

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